Monja Gillich

Jewelry Design

In May 2017 I founded "Harmony Handmade" out of a desire to combine my vocation of "crafting" with my passion for "traveling".


My goal was to travel the world for the most time of the year and to work independently of my current location.


Because of my family and some friends who are living in Germany I come back to my hometown Osnabrück regulary. During this time, you will find me and my jewellery stand at local craft markets, medieval markets or Christmas markets.



A dream became reality


A successfully completed bachelor's degree in the field of art is the reason why i realized the idea of "Harmony Handmade". In particular, through the study-accompanying development and the execution of an artistic project with orphans in Cambodia, I gained extensive competencies that encouraged me to take the step into self-employment. Furthermore, I benefit from two years of professional experience in the field of media design for digital and print, as well as three years of involvement in public advertise at the College of Social Arts, Ottersberg.


During my 4 years study in the field of "Social Art. Art Therapy and Art Padagogy ", I had the opportunity to pursue my constant desire for creativity and self-expression.


I have realized my dream life and am therefore an inspiration for many people to become creative themselves and start a business they love.



What makes Harmony Handmade jewelry special?


I combine the "macrame" knotting technique with natural fibres such as crystals, wood, avocado hearts, feathers or minerals. Many organic materials i find in nature during my travels. Also metals like 14Cts Gold, 925 sterling silver, brass, copper or stainless steel can be found in my jewelry.


All my creations are shipped in a 100% biodegreable packaging.


Each of my creations are unique. Each piece tells a story of loving nature and creates awareness of a more sustainable future.


I understand my artistic work as an ongoing process. I experiment with organic and natural colors and shapes. I dive deeper and deeper and search for the most environmentally friendly way of production. Through this free, intuitive way of working, my products get their own individual expression. The natural power of the healing stones makes my pieces of jewelry valuable energy donors in everyday life.


I am immensely grateful to have found this medium of crafting, because I can enrich the world and the people in my own authentic way.